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Technical training expertise.

Here is just some of the special training weve taken.

Master M. Hughes Director

A graduate of the University of Texas. As Director and Master Instructor, myself and my
contract instructors hold very specialized training. Pictured is myself with just some of the news articles and Awards my career has brought me. I can not only provide advanced training, I also can help you develop your security teams.

As director of Alphacorps we have provided training to numerous agencies such as. 

 Spellman New york

We have spoken at NASA

Sedona Lakes
Boys and girls club of America 

As an experienced technical trainer, I have a background in industrial security and have taken numerous training courses from various agencies. I have provided programming in antiviolence programs , traumatic stress training, Crisis disaster intervention, combative arts, Jujitsu, and more.
Community and rural development, for 20 years include Crisis/Disaster Intervention, and Sexual Assault Victim Intervention Program (SAVI), and Parent Support (PS) Programs. Crisis/Disaster Intervention, Preparedness involving coordination of humanitarian response

Having also taken Senior Officials Workshop for WMD and Terrorism Incident Preparedness
Operations Security Fundamentals training.

I have trained many prison guards and law enforcement officers in the physical arts of jujitsu, and physical intervention techniques.

What makes my training so effective, I have personal experience. Travel in hostile environments, actual involvement in security of industry, personal experience with physical assaults.

I have traveled to the Philippines and personally witnessed human trafficking and the exploitation of children. I have survived an attempted carjacking and survived a robbery. 

Having worked with some of the most violent youth in Texas, years of working with victims and having unusual opportunities like speaking with pedophiles traveling to Asia, are eye opening experiences . 


University of Texas, Degree Master of Science 
Major Management of Industrial technology (School of Business and Technology ) Training and development. Minor Intercultural relations, 

University of Texas 1981 B.S degree Major in Criminology Focus Social pathology and investigations.

Associate of science criminal justice.

Professional Training 
2007 Attendance Cherokee county pandemic flu preparedness seminar
2007 OVC Technical trainer and consultant orientation.
2006 WMD Incident Management/Unified Command Concept.
2006 Senior Officials Workshop for WMD and Terrorism Incident Preparedness 
2006 Operations Security Fundamentals training 
Interagency ospec support staff- IOSS
2005 Anti terrorism level 1 training DOD 
Texas Department of State Health Services
2006 Container inspection 
2006 OSHA Hazard communication 
2005 Critical incident management group crisis intervention 
2005 Critical incident management Individual crisis intervention 
2005 Emergency risk Communication Training 
2005 Bio Terrorism Disaster preparedness conference - Department state Health Texas  Traumatic stress individual
Traumatic stress group


Emergency training
1990 Basic Life Support Certificate. Tyler Junior College, Tyler.
1980 Emergency Medical Training. University of Texas, Tyler.
1979 Certified in First Aid. Rusk State Hospital.

Special Training Education 
1999 ESL training, Tyler Literacy Counsel 
1999 ESL Training University of Texas Tyler Texas

Special skills
Heavy equipment operation
1010 Bull dozer six way blade , Backhoe, Tractor, Fork lift, one ton truck.